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The Puppy Friendly Practice scheme has been developed by Happy Hounds for Life. It seeks to equip veterinary practices to provide an exceptional level of care for new puppies ensuring they not only have a positive experience in practice but that puppy owners are equipped with everything they need from day one for ultimate success. It is a unique concept, equally benefiting the veterinary practice, staff, puppy owners and puppies.

Many dogs reach the 12-18 month age and are sadly re-homed due to undesirable behaviours that could have so easily been avoided had the owners had the right information and support with their puppy from the very beginning. Our aim is to change those statistics one puppy at a time.

Veterinary practices play a vital role in the puppy client journey as they are often the first professional contact when people take ownership of their new puppy. Not only can the experience a new puppy owner has from that very first registration phone call, to the information given in that first appointment, shape the client-to-vet relationship moving forward but the experience that the puppy has when it steps paw into the practice and the training support given can be the difference between growing into a confident, well-mannered and sociable adult dog or one that is unsociable, disobedient or anxious.

The Puppy Friendly Practice scheme has been designed in a way that is accessible for every practice, easy to understand criteria and simple to implement the changes necessary to obtain and maintain a Puppy Friendly Status.

Providing the Perfect Puppy Experience is something every puppy and owner should benefit from and something all staff members playing a part in it should be extremely proud of.

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Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to fill the world with confident, well-mannered and sociable dogs and to put Puppy Friendly Practices on the map as the best practices to go to with a new puppy. The exceptional level of care and the education given to puppy owners when their puppy is 8 weeks old ensures puppies are settled in with success.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a unique approach to the veterinary industry, empowering all staff roles to provide a successful puppy client journey in practice and to practically equip puppy owners with the right information from day one for ultimate training success enabling them to be a much loved, Happy Hound for Life. In doing so, this will reduce the number of dogs re-homed each year due to undesirable behaviours that could so easily be avoided with the right help from the very beginning.
Our Values

Our Values

Our values are to provide an exceptional quality of online training to help practices to motivate and empower their staff, provide simple but effective education to puppy owners, to provide a consistent, positive experience for puppies in practice and as a result produce valuable, long-term and loyal clients for veterinary practices.

Meet the Team

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Louise Jackson

Director and Trainer

Qualified RVN, DipCABT, PgCert(AAB); AssocCIPD; PgCert(VBM).

Louise qualified as an RVN in 1997 and has worked in the same small animal practice since qualifying. She has worked her way up the management line, now working as the Practice Director. Whilst in practice, her passion for animal behaviour has lead her to study animal behaviour, and utilise her knowledge in the form of working for Canine Partners, training the puppies to become assistance dogs. Louise also initiates nurse clinics including puppy chats and behaviour consultations within the practice. Leading a team of 80 employees further resulted in Louise studying HR and Veterinary Management, allowing her leadership and entrepreneur skills to develop.

From this journey, she has also become the co-founder of Happy Hounds for Life and is their primary trainer and speaker for all their online training modules, targeting not only puppy owners but also veterinary practices, ensuring all staff have the opportunity to be the best they can in ensuring puppies have the very best start in life possible. Her position in the veterinary industry has lead her passion of developing the Puppy Friendly Practice scheme to where it is today.

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Rachel Cook

Managing Director

BSc (Hons) Degree Eq Sports Science

Rachel is the creative driving force behind the scenes. Coming from a background of working with animals and helping people train their puppies for many years, she has always had a special gift and passion for raising well-mannered, calm and sociable puppies and helping them integrate well into family life. Being a mum of two and always having an open door to many other families, Rachel has developed a real passion for helping children to communicate well with dogs and be involved in their training from a puppy.

Since graduating university in 2006 she has developed her entrepreneurial skills resulting in founding Happy Hounds for Life in 2019. She later published her first Childrens story book called Welcome Home Puppy. Her deep desire to reach puppy owners from day one with their puppy with the right information they need for success has caused us to branch into the veterinary industry and develop the Puppy Friendly Practice Scheme. Rachel is our Managing Director and is responsible for all the course creation and day to day running of the Puppy Friendly Practice Scheme as a whole.