The Perfect Puppy Owner Course

The Perfect Puppy Owner Course

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The Perfect Puppy Owner Course is exclusive to all puppy owners of a Puppy Friendly Practice.

It is the perfect introductory course demonstrating in real life family homes with new puppies, everything that was covered in the Puppy Chat at the veterinary practice and will help puppy owners to settle in their puppy with success so they will be calm, relaxed and confident and ready for family life.

By the end of this course, as a puppy owner, you will have a good understanding of:

  • how to successfully settle your puppy into their new home.
  • how to socialise your puppy well during the critical socialisation period so they grow up to be confident in all situations and sociable.
  • how to positively introduce the crate so your puppy is settled and loves to be in there and sees it as a safe space.
  • how to toilet train your puppy quickly and easily.
  • how to tackle the challenges of mouthing and play biting.
  • the key aspects of child safety and how to keep children safe around the puppy whilst ensuring they still have lots of fun too.