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Welcome Home Puppy is our complete online training course guiding your through everything you need to know for the first year with your puppy so you can have ultimate training success.

Key Information
Duration / Length 55+ short videos (7.5 hours)
Start Date Anytime
Location Online
Format Short video lessons
Assessment Type No Assessment
Entry Requirements Anyone with a puppy aged 8 weeks to 2 years old.
Author / Speaker Louise Jackson & Rachel Cook
Cost £125 +vat

Course Content

This course is aimed at any owner with a new puppy and is designed to help you get everything right from day one so you can have a puppy that settles in quickly and is confident, sociable and well-mannered.

This course is unique because it is filmed in a real family life with new puppies learning everything for the first time. This makes it incredibly easy for you to replicate with your puppy so you too can have fantastic results. It is family friendly, can be watched by the whole family and we show you how to involve your children too so they can stay safe around the puppy whilst also having lots of fun.

Let’s take a look at what is covered in each module.

Module 1 – Preparation

This looks at everything needed to prepare for the arrival of your new puppy so you can get off to a fantastic start.

Module 2 – Crate and Toilet Training

This module looks at introducing the crate in a positive way so your puppy will LOVE it and see it as their safe happy space. We show you how positive crate training makes toilet training a dream and all the different challenges associated toilet training. We then look at establishing a life changing day and night routine so your puppy will be sleeping thorough the night and happy in their own company in week one with you.

Module 3 – Mouthing and Play Biting

We show you how to approach mouthing, play biting and chewing effectively so it doesn’t become an established behaviour even with children around.

Module 4 – Socialisation

We walk you through all the different aspects of socialisation so your puppy grows up to be confident, sociable and adaptable to new situations.

Module 5 – Walking on a Loose Lead

In this module you will learn all about teaching your puppy to walk on a beautiful loose lead and how to get them out and about in the world.

Module 6 – Basic Commands

Learn how to teach all the basic commands needed for good communication between you and your dog and a for dog that is well-mannered and keen to listen.

Module 7 – Bombproof Recall

This module walks you through all the steps associated with developing a bombproof recall and how you can have your puppy off lead and always coming back to you even at 12/13 weeks as soon as they are fully vaccinated.

Module 8 – Tricks and Games

Learn some fun tricks and games you can play with your puppy to keep them mentally stimulated and learning every day.

What our clients say:

Everything you need to know about training your puppy from start to finish. 

The course teaches you:

  • how to successfully settle your puppy into their new home.
  • how to toilet train quickly and easily with no fuss.
  • how to deal with mouthing, play biting and chewing.
  • how to ensure child safety at all times whilst still enabling lots of fun with the puppy.
  • how to establish an amazing day and night time routine.
  • know how to teach all the basic commands.
  • how to have a puppy that is happy to be left alone.
  • how to have a bombproof recall.
  • how to teach your puppy to walk beautifully on the lead.
  • how to train all the basic commands.
  • to have a well-mannered, confident and sociable family dog.