Being Part of a Puppy Friendly Practice

Why Be Part of a Puppy Friendly Practice?

Being a part of one of our Puppy Friendly Practices is an absolute privilege for you as a new puppy owner. All our staff are committed to providing an exceptional level of care throughout your entire life-long journey with your puppy. Our knowledgeable and supportive staff are there to help you every step of the way to ensure you have everything you need for you puppy to grow up to be confident, sociable and well-mannered.

What are the Benefits to you as a Puppy Owner?

A positive socialisation experience in the practice for your puppy.
A friendly welcome for you and your puppy.
A named nurse to be your point of contact within the practice and to give familiarity at appointments.
A 30 Minute accredited Puppy Chat from a trained nurse teaching you the fundamentals on important puppy training topics.
A Puppy Owners Handbook summarising all the information covered in the Puppy Chat.
Free access to our exceptional, online Perfect Puppy Owner Course with real life puppy training videos demonstrating how to settle in your new puppy with success.
Free access to our life-changing 5 Day Puppy that Sleeps Challenge showing you step by step how to have your puppy toileting outside on day one, in an amazing daytime routine and sleeping happily through the night.
You also have the amazing opportunity to upgrade to our full Welcome Home Puppy Course at a huge discount to give you everything you need during the first year to teach all the basic commands, a bombproof recall, lovely loose lead walking and so much more.
The Perfect Puppy Owner Course

The Perfect Puppy Owner Course

Exclusive to Puppy Friendly Practices this course is designed to teach you all the basics of settling in your new puppy with success including:

  • ✔︎ crate training
  • ✔︎ toilet training
  • ✔︎ socialisation
  • ✔︎ mouthing and play biting
  • ✔︎ child safety

The 5 Day Puppy that Sleeps Challenge

The 5 Day Puppy that Sleeps Challenge

Demonstrating step by step how to have your puppy sleeping through the night and happy in their own company in the day time:

  • ✔︎ positively introduce the crate
  • ✔︎ sleep through the night
  • ✔︎ toilet outside
  • ✔︎ establish a day time routine
  • ✔︎ establish a night time routine

How to Join a Puppy Friendly Practice.

Joining a Puppy Friendly Practice and accessing all your amazing free online content couldn’t be easier. Firstly find a participating practice near you, register your puppy with them and sign up for their preventative health care scheme to get all your annual flea wormer and vaccinations. This will save you a huge amount of money in the long run. You will be given a unique link to create your individual account to access all your online puppy training content on your practices dashboard.

You will then be able to login at the top of this page at any time to continue your learning.