Puppy Training Support

Puppy owners part of a Puppy Friendly Practice have access to exceptional puppy training support. We believe that when you are equipped with the right information from the very beginning with your puppy that you will have amazing success and your puppy is much more likely to grow into the confident, well-mannered and relaxed family dog you probably always hoped for.

About our Online Training

All of our online training is unique and designed to help you achieve fantastic results with your puppy because it is :

Simple to follow and easy to replicate.
Filmed in real family homes.
Puppies demonstrating learning things for the first time.
Authentic and family friendly.
Positive, stress-free training.
Going to help you create solid foundations.
Designed to prevent behavioural problems down the line.

What if my Practice is not a Puppy Friendly Practice?

If your veterinary practice is not currently a Puppy Friendly Practice and as a puppy owner you would like them to be, please fill out this short form as we would love to share with them some more information about joining us and this amazing opportunity. Thank you!

What can I Access if my Practice is not a Member yet?

If your practice has not yet joined the Puppy Friendly Practice scheme, you can still access our online training, check out our courses below.
5 Day Puppy that Sleeps Challenge

5 Day Puppy that Sleeps Challenge


Welcome Home Puppy Course

Welcome Home Puppy Course


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