What is a Puppy Friendly Practice?

A Puppy Friendly Practice has achieved an exceptionally high standard of care for all puppies coming into the veterinary practice. Not only does the practice meet and adhere to Puppy Friendly Standards but all staff dealing face to face with puppies and their owners have undergone training to be able to deliver the perfect puppy experience.

You can have confidence that the staff in a Puppy Friendly Practice:

Understand the needs of puppies and make all aspects of the visit to the vets as puppy friendly as possible.
Understand how to approach and handle puppies in a calm and positive way.
Understand how to make the visit to the vets a positive experience.
Understand how to keep the puppy occupied and focused for the duration of the visit to keep stress to a minimum.
Are equipped to deliver our accredited Puppy Chat.
Ensure owners have all the information they need on all the key aspects of puppy training and the settling in process.

We believe the early experiences a puppy has between 8 and 16 weeks of age stay with the puppy for life and really important in forming positive foundations for the type of dog a puppy will grow into.

That is why the gentle and positive handling experience your puppy receives in those early days at the practice will set them up well for future vets visits and ease of being handled.

Many puppy owners resort to the internet for training advice which can lead to confusion and lack of clarity over direction on key training topics. We want to assure you that all the online training and guidance given to you through your Puppy Friendly Practice has been created by qualified professionals and approved by I Pet Network. It is also proven to be easy to follow and replicate in the family home and provides outstanding results for the majority of puppies. See some of our testimonials below.

Our biggest aim throughout the Puppy Friendly Practice scheme is to ensure you as the puppy owner get given the right training advice that really works from day one with your puppy so you will see superb results and have a puppy that grows into a confident, calm and well-mannered dog. So many owners wait until they are struggling or are seeing behavioural problems before they get help. We believe when the foundations are right from day one, very few behavioural problems occur down the line.

We are delighted you are considering joining one of our Puppy Friendly Practices or that you have already and we can’t wait to help you get off to an amazing start with your new puppy.

What We Do

Equip the Practice

Equip the Practice

With all the tools for exceptional puppy care.
Empower the Staff

Empower the Staff

To provide the perfect puppy experience.
Educate the Puppy Owner

Educate the Puppy Owner

With everything they need for success.
Teach the Puppy

Teach the Puppy

Ensuring they have the best start in life.

Our Testimonials