What to Expect in a Puppy Friendly Practice

As a new puppy client of a Puppy Friendly practice, you can be confident you will receive an exceptional puppy friendly welcome when visiting the vets. Whether you are going for your initial Puppy Chat, your puppy’s first injections or even just to be weighed and collect their flea and worm treatment, you can rest assured that the staff will endeavour to make your visit as positive for the puppy and stress free as possible.

The Staff

All staff are fully trained in our Puppy Friendly standards and are aware of the concerns and challenges that are involved when bringing your puppy to the vets. From the very first registration call with the receptionist to the Puppy Chat with your own designated nurse, they have all been equipped to make your trip to the vets as easy for you as possible. You can be confident that all the training information given to you is trusted, approved and will help you have fantastic success with your new puppy.

The Veterinary Practice

All our Puppy Friendly premises must adhere to specific criteria and requirements in the waiting room and consultation rooms to ensure a positive experience for every puppy visiting the practice where possible. From the smallest details such as pheremone diffusers used to create a calming, reassuring atmosphere for puppies to having a tasty kong to get stuck into in the consultation room to associate it to a positive experience, we have it covered.


Each practice allocates a designated Puppy Nurse to ensure all the Puppy Friendly Practice criteria are adhered to. Each puppy owner will also have a named nurse to book their Puppy Chat in with and where possible for all their follow up routine flea and wormer appointments for familiarity for the puppy.

All the front of house team are equipped to be welcoming, friendly and be able to talk confidently to puppy owners with a good level of knowledge to point them in the right direction of any further support they need.

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The Puppy Experience

The practice ensures calmly, gentle and respectful handling of puppies at all times with positive food associations to make every visit as positive as possible enabling the puppy to feel safe and secure at all times.
The puppy will be welcomed into the practice and made to feel at ease and calm with the help of our Adaptil diffusers and they will have food dispensing toys to get stuck into in the consult room to make the visit as relaxed and reassuring as possible.

Client Experience

The staff are familiar with the concerns new puppy owners have when visiting the vets and every effort is made to put them at ease.
Waiting times and consult times are kept to a minimum wherever possible and all staff are educated on how to keep the puppy as calm and stress free as possible for the duration of the visit.
Quality education is given to all puppy owners to equip you with everything you need to train your puppy with confidence.

Every client will go away feeling that they have had the best customer experience they could have imagined, with all of their puppy’s needs taken care of and will feel equipped with valuable training tips to implement as soon as they get home.