Daily Handling.

A really important aspect of socialisation is the day to day handling of your puppy. From the very beginning you want to get your puppy used to being handled all over which will prepare them well for visits both to the vets and dog groomers. 

 In this video we will look at why positive daily handling is so important and what different areas of the body should be handled daily so it becomes normal for your puppy to be touched all over. 

 Daily handling should include: 

  • opening the mouth. 
  • looking in their eyes. 
  • looking in their ears. 
  • lifting the legs. 
  • feeling in between the toes and pads. 
  • checking their fur. 
  • lifting their tail. 

This is easier done with two people and remember to use some treats to encourage the puppy to stay still and to associate it to a lovely, positive experience.