Drop It and Leave.

The commands leave and drop are two fundamental commands needed to encourage good behaviour in the home. Your puppy will soon be into everything and you need to be on the ball with these two commands. Remember, anytime you are not able to supervise your puppy, they should in the crate with a yummy food toy. 

 When to use LEAVE

  •  when your puppy is chewing something he shouldn’t be (such as a rug or table leg).
  •  if something is dropped on the floor that you don’t want your puppy to have (e.g.food dropped from the table or high chair). 
  •  out and about if your puppy sees a distraction (e.g. a dog the other side of the field). 
  • out on a walk you walk past something on the floor that you don’t want your puppy to have (an old pizza).
  • to remind the puppy not to chase the cat (or if they see a cat crossing the road). 

When to use DROP IT: 

  • anytime your puppy has something in his mouth that he shouldn’t have. 
  • anytime you want him to let go of what is in his mouth. 
  • anytime you want him to put something into your hand. 
  • when teaching your puppy to play fetch, this is step one. 

The video demonstrated how to teach these commands and they are both commands you just teach to your dog throughout the day whilst doing every day things both with things he shouldn’t have but also practice letting go of toys during play too.