Establishing a Day Time Routine.

Establishing a day time routine is really important for your puppy as it:

  • ensures your puppy has enough rest.
  • gives you regular periods of time throughout the day when you can get on with “normal life” without having to watch the puppy 24-7.
  • helps give your children time away from the puppy playing.
  • it hugely reduces play biting and mouthing.
  • teaches them to settle in the crate.
  • gives them lots of opportunity to fall asleep by themselves.
  • builds up a massive positive association to the crate as sleep when they are tired is hugely rewarding for them.
  • teaches them to be happy on their own.
  • prepares them for fitting into a work-life routine that often is more structured.

This lesson is hugely valuable and implementing these tips from 8 weeks of age as soon as they are happy in the crate will be a life saver for you.

If you have the course hand book, there is a really handy “Establishing a Day time Routine” page to record your progress.