Overview of the Puppy Client Journey

The puppy client journey begins the moment a potential new client with a new puppy picks up the phone to enquire about your practice, your prices and registering their  puppy. It is absolutely vital that this experience for the client fills them with confidence that the needs of their puppy will be completely taken care of and that it leaves the client desperate to join your practice.

Every staff member plays a vital role in the puppy client journey from the receptionists on the phone and at the front desk to the nurses delivering the puppy chat and initial appointments and the vets carrying out vaccinations and other appointments.

Throughout this course we are going to teach you about the Puppy Chat and what a valuable part this can play in the puppy client journey. As part of how the team works together as a whole, it is really important that everybody knows who is responsible for giving what information to the clients. When this is done excellently, your clients will feel they have received the best possible service, they will feel valued, supported and equipped with everything they need to raise a confident and happy puppy. It will also enable your vets to focus purely on the clinical aspect of their job and to do this really well without feeling pressured by time in the appointments to have to cover behavioural topics too as they are confident that the rest of the team are giving the puppy owners all the practical training information they. 
This excellent service and attention to detail in every area of the puppy client journey will result in happy, long term, loyal customers that recommend your practice to other new puppy owners whilst also ensuring puppies are well supported to raise confident, well-mannered dogs.