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What's Included?

Puppy Friendly Practice is an initiative that will equip your veterinary practice and all of your staff to deliver the perfect puppy experience in practice and empower your team to provide everything new puppy owners need for ultimate success with their puppy.

When you register your practice, you'll access:

How to Become a Puppy Friendly Practice

Walking your Puppy Driver step by step through everything involved in providing this exceptional service.

Online Puppy Training Courses

For ALL your puppy owners to ensure puppy training success from day one.

Welcome Packs

Both from Adaptil and Puppy Friendly Practice with lots of freebies to welcome you on board.

Secure Membership Hub

Just for your practice for staff and puppy owners so you can view course progress.

The Perfect Puppy Experience Course

For all of your staff to complete, tailored to the specific staff roles within your practice.

How to Deliver the Perfect Puppy Chat.

Ensuring all staff are giving the right, helpful information to puppy owners.

Resources and Templates

To give to clients, use in practice and make marketing as simple as possible.

Support and Updates

Access round the clock support and news and updates throughout the year.
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Hear what some of our staff and puppy clients say . . .

Providing the Perfect Puppy Client Journey is quickly becoming the most effective way to attract new clients, build on client trust and increase long-term, loyal clients.

The Puppy Friendly Practice scheme has proved time and time again that perfecting the Puppy Client Journey:

Benefits Puppy Owners by:

Giving correct training advice that really works.
Helping them raise a calm, confident and well-mannered dog.
Supporting them from day one for training success.
Giving familiarity in the practice with a designated nurse.
Providing all the training support they need in different formats.
Teaching them how puppies learn by positive reward.
Building their confidence in a positive experience in practice.

Benefits your Practice by:

Equipping your entire team to talk confidently to puppy owners.
Ensuring all staff are giving the same advice.
Building a reputation in always delivering a consistent service.
Increasing your Practice Revenue.
Motivating your team to deliver an exceptional service.
Giving you a way to stand out from your competitors.
Dogs being calm and relaxed during examinations.

How do I get Started?

1. Schedule a Call with Our Team.

You can book a call to discuss your requirements and be walked through the registration process.

2. Choose a Puppy Driver.

Normally an RVN to carry out the application and oversee all things Puppy Friendly in your practice.

3. Register your Practice.

Complete the registration form below or on the call to get started on your Puppy Friendly Journey right away!

About Puppy Friendly Practice

The Puppy Friendly Practice scheme has been developed to benefit veterinary practices, puppy owners and puppies themselves.

We are proud to be:

✅ providing puppy owners with life changing online training that really works.

✅ having a positive impact on the raising of well-mannered, confident and calm dogs.

✅ equipping practices to provide an exceptional level of care for puppies in practice.

✅ helping practices build a reputation for the best practice to go with a new puppy.

✅ giving practices a differential strategy to stand out from their competitors.

✅ giving practices reliable means to increase practice revenue.

Above all, we are all about making the world a better place for puppies, by ensuring puppy owners receive the right education!

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