The Adaptil Junior Collar.

The Adaptil Junior Collar.

It is one of the most exciting times for any household when a new puppy is brought home for the first time but settling into a new environment can be a stressful and disorientating process. It is usually the first time a puppy has spent any time alone, separated from its siblings and its usual source of comfort and reassurance, the mother.

Bringing your Puppy Home.

During the days following adoption, puppies face challenges with; crying at night, being left alone, and new people and noises. It is important that steps are taken to help a puppy cope with its new environment without becoming unduly stressed. You often bring your puppy home at 8weeks of age, and at this point in their life, they are highly sensitive, and their perception of the world can easily and permanently be influenced by new experiences and encounters. 

Did you know that over thousands of years, puppies and adult dogs evolved to live in groups and exchange natural messages released into the air – these natural chemical messages are called pheromones. One of these pheromones is the dog appeasing pheromone, this is the one a mother naturally releases to her puppies. This appeasing pheromone is emitted by mother dogs during lactation.

To help puppies with this transition in the post adoption period, pheromones can be used to send “appeasing messages” to help them feel the same comfort and security with your family as they did with their mother, and learn better to develop into well-balanced adult dogs.  ADAPTIL Junior contains a synthetic copy of this naturally occurring pheromone.

How can ADAPTIL Junior Help Puppies?

ADAPTIL Junior comforts puppies through the challenges of adoption and beyond and has been shown to help prevent crying at night, support staying home alone, and improve tolerance for loud noises and car travel. Not only has ADAPTIL Junior been shown to help reduce behavioural signs of anxiety, but it also has demonstrated benefits in promoting better socialisation and improved learning in puppies. 

When should an ADAPTIL Collar be worn?

It is recommended that the easy to use, ADAPTIL® Junior Collar is fitted as soon as your new pup is picked from the breeder to give them support when they leave their mothers for the car journey home. Ideally, keep replacing the collars every 4 weeks for the first 6 months to ensure continuous support and promote better socialisation and learning to help puppies develop into confident, well-balanced adults. 

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