The Puppy Chat is an amazing service available to all new puppy owners of a Puppy Friendly Practice. It gives the veterinary practice the opportunity to share with the puppy owner really important information about raising a calm, confident and sociable puppy ensuring all puppy owners are equipped with the right tools from day one with their 8 week old puppy so that they will know how to get started and have amazing success settling their puppy into their new home.

What is a Puppy Chat?

The Puppy Chat takes around 30 minutes and is delivered to the puppy owner by and registered veterinary nurse (RVN), normally in person in the practice. It is completely free of charge and covers all the essential topics you will be keen to know about when you first take ownership of your puppy so you will be able to settle them into their new home with confidence and with ease.

There is so much contradicting advice on the internet and it can be a real minefield when it comes to puppy training. The aim of our Puppy Friendly Practice scheme is to give all puppy owners the right advice from day one that is simple and easy to follow to ensure puppies settle in to their new homes quickly so they are calm, relaxed and confident. As a result, so many undesirable behaviours can be avoided making the world a much better place for our much loved pets.

Providing puppy owners with the tools they need to settle their puppy into their new home with confidence and ease.

What is Covered in the Puppy Chat?

The puppy chat walks you through the basics of the following topics:

  • positively introducing the crate, why it is so amazing and how it can be used to establish a routine and teach your puppy to be happy in their own company.
  • toilet training and how positive crate training massively speeds up the toilet training process.
  • mouthing and play biting and how this can be avoided.
  • how to keep young children safe around a new puppy.
  • socialisation and how to ensure your puppy grows up to be confident and relaxed in all situations.

There is so much packed into this chat but don’t worry, you also get to take away with you a Puppy Owners Handbook to help you remember everything you have learnt and you can consolidate it by working through the Perfect Puppy Owner online course. This is available to you for free if you are part of a Puppy Friendly Practice so an amazing opportunity for you.

Who is the Puppy Chat for?

The puppy chat is for any body with a new puppy, whether you have had them a day and want to start off on the right foot or a month or two and may be experiencing a few challenges. Book yours in today with an RVN at your Puppy Friendly Practice.

Do I still need a Puppy Chat if I’ve had a Puppy Before?

We recommend the puppy chat to all our puppy clients with a new puppy regardless of whether they have had one before. The chances are it may have been a while since your last dog was a puppy. Things move on, training techniques change and over the years we have worked tirelessly to bring you a way of positive training that is accessible for everyone, easy to replicate at home for amazing results and it never harms to go back over the basics again. There is so much to learn, every puppy is different and we are so passionate about the information we want to share with you and know you will find it really informative.

Do I Bring my Puppy to the Puppy Chat?

If you have been organised enough to book in for a puppy chat before you have taken ownership of your puppy, then that is absolutely perfect, it will ensure you can be fully prepared before their arrival and you will be able to take in all the information on the day.

If you already have ownership of your puppy then bring them with you for the appointment. All our RVN’s carrying out the puppy chat are fully trained in ensuring the whole experience is as puppy friendly as possible. They will keep your puppy occupied with a tasty stuffed kong throughout the appointment and these appointments are generally just a really positive socialisation experience for them.