Veterinary Practice Membership

Start your Puppy Friendly Journey Today!

** Simply select the membership that reflects the total number of staff in your practice. **

Membership is affordable and accessible so ANY practice can join!

How to Get Started . . .

1. Nominate an RVN

Someone who is passionate about puppies to be the Puppy Driver in your practice.

2. Register your Practice

Select the membership bracket that equates to the number of staff in your practice and follow the checkout process.

3. Access Online Training

The Puppy Driver gives online access to all staff to access their CPD training.

Benefits of being a Member:

Membership Hub

Each practice has its own secure membership area for staff and puppy owners to access their online training.

Quality Resources

A range of useful, high quality downloadable resources are included for your practice, your staff and your puppy owners.

Membership Badge

Use your membership badge and our logos to feature on your websites and social media channels to proudly show off your Puppy Friendly status.

Role Specific CPD

Every staff member can access the Perfect Puppy Experience course specific to their role in the practice.

Adaptil Welcome Pack

Containing Calm Diffusers, refills, discount off Junior Collars and unlimited literature to display and give to your puppy owners.

Puppy Owner Support

We provide you with outstanding online content for your puppy owners, setting you apart from all your competitors for the quality of service you provide.

Completion Certificates

Online training counts towards CPD hours and all staff receive a completion certificate.

Plaque to Display

Upon achieving your Puppy Friendly status when you meet all the criteria in practice and submit the required evidence.

Increased Revenue

Through increased puppy consumable sales and more preventative healthcare plan sign ups due to client loyalty and trust.

Why Vets and Puppy Owners Nationwide Trust us!

Highly Regarded by Vets

“Being Puppy Friendly has given our team a new focus and drive to really excel in the service we provide.”

Rated Excellent

ADAPTIL Junior Logo.pdf

“Hands down the easiest way to PERFECT the puppy client journey and gain new loyal clients.”

Loved by Puppy Owners

“Simply cannot believe the support we have had. It’s ALL the puppy training I needed all in the same place.”

Put your trust in us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Register with Multiple Sites?

Each site needs to register individually allowing:

🐾 Each site to have a nominated Puppy Driver to oversee puppy friendly standards.

🐾 An accessible point of contact for your staff and puppy owners.

🐾 Delivery of your literature and welcome packs for each site.

🐾 Each practice to gain full benefit of being Puppy Friendly.

Is there a Discount for Joining with Multiple Sites?

YES! We do offer a discount for practices joining with multiple sites on a sliding scale dependant on number of practices. These will take effect once our special launch 50% discount has come to an end.


You can contact us to discuss your requirements.

What if we don't want to continue being Puppy Friendly?

Membership for the year is non-refundable but you can cancel at any time or choose not to renew at the end of the year when renewal reminders are sent out. If you choose not to renew or are late submitting payment, all puppy owner and staff accounts linked to your practice for online training will be restricted until membership is renewed.


We are however, absolutely certain you will LOVE being Puppy Friendly when you reap all the benefits it brings!

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