Becoming a Puppy Friendly Practice

The Puppy Friendly Practice scheme has been developed by Happy Hounds for Life and is supported by Adaptil, as a national initiative and resource to support veterinary practices in providing an exceptional and consistent level of care to puppies and their owners.

It aims to make all visits to the vets a positive socialisation experience to enable all puppies to build up positive association to the vets and their staff to help with future visits and treatment when it is required.

It also provides puppy owners with essential positive training support when their puppy is 8 weeks old, to ensure they have everything they need to successfully settle their puppy into their new home and the knowledge to raise a well-mannered, confident and sociable dog, preventing undesirable behaviours and problems such as separation anxiety.

Benefits for your Practice

Aside from the huge benefits to all your puppy client’s in becoming a Puppy Friendly Practice, there are so many benefits to you as a veterinary practice. It gives you the tools and potential to :

Improve and positively impact the lives of all the puppies coming into your practice.
Provide an exceptional puppy service to clients.
Stand out from all your competitors.
Significantly increase practice revenue through the sale of puppy consumables.
Increase preventative healthcare scheme sign ups and retention due to client loyalty.
Be a practice where staff want to work due to the motivation, drive and passion for the puppy service provided.
Be an attractive place to work, increasing both RVN and vet recruitment.
Gain a Puppy Friendly reputation to be proud of.

Benefits for your Staff

All your staff dealing with puppy owners whether they be vets, receptionists, RVNs or animal care assistants will receive high quality, accredited CPD training to allow them to understand the role they play in the entire puppy client journey . This results in ensuring everyone understands the standards and processes of a Puppy Friendly Practice so you will provide a consistent quality of service and see outstanding results.

Value for Money

The Puppy Friendly Practice scheme is designed to be affordable and sustainable for practices. Not only does it give you amazing value in the way of quality CPD content for all your staff for a fraction of the price and amazing content for your puppy owners, but it provides you with the means to increase practice revenue in numerous ways.

The bond and trust formed between you and puppy owners due to the exceptional support they received when their puppy was young, will ensure they remain long-term, loyal and happy customers for life, impacting your practice revenue for many years to come. Puppies are the future and what better way to move forward than to give them the very best of our services.

How to Become a Puppy Friendly Practice

Becoming a Puppy Friendly Practice is really simple and involves the following steps :

Nominate an RVN (passionate about puppies) to be the Puppy Friendly driver in your practice.
This RVN registers your practice.
A unique registration code is sent to each staff member to create their account on the dashboard.
Each staff member is assigned the CPD course specific to their role to be completed.
The driver ensures all the Puppy Friendly Criteria are met within the practice and evidence is submitted for approval.
Once Puppy Friendly Status is achieved, the puppy owners receive their free online training.
Puppy Friendly standards are adhered to throughout the year.
Any new staff are added to the practice dashboard to complete their training.
Practice membership is renewed annually to maintain your Puppy Friendly status and to enable the ongoing training and support to staff and puppy owners.

Want to find out more?

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