Benefits of Being a Puppy Friendly Practice

Becoming a Puppy Friendly Practice is an extremely desirable status for any veterinary practice to have. It provides you with the means to be able to empower your staff to deliver the perfect puppy client journey, equip your puppy owners with all they need for success with their puppy and in doing so gain long-term loyal clients.

It is a unique concept that has endless benefits for the veterinary practice as a whole, the staff, puppy owners and puppies themselves. 

The Benefits

Improve and positively impact the lives of all the puppies coming into your practice.
Stand out from your practice competitors by providing an exceptional puppy service that is like no other.
Gain a reputation for providing not only an excellent service for puppies but providing free life changing, easy to follow training that gives real results as a perk of being in the practice.
Significantly increase practice revenue through the sale of puppy consumables.
Increased loyalty due to trust and confidence will also increase practice revenue in the way of preventative health care scheme sign ups and better retention.
Be a practice where vets and RVN's will want to work, aiding in staff retention and job satisfaction.
Being an attractive practice to work for will also enhance vet and RVN recruitment.