Client Resources

As part of our Puppy Friendly Practice scheme, we have created a selection of downloadable resources for veterinary practices to use to provide more information to puppy owners about different aspects of puppy care and being part of a Puppy Friendly Practice.

Click the titles below to download and print each resource

Our Leaflets include :

What is a Puppy Friendly Practice?
Visiting the Vets with your Puppy.
Bringing your Puppy Home for the First Time.
The Importance of a Safe Space.
10 Tips for Successful Toilet Training
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Adaptil Resources for Puppy Owners

We are delighted that Adaptil support the Puppy Friendly Practice Scheme. The Adaptil Junior range plays a huge part in our practices in the form of the Calm diffusers but also in the Junior Collars that we hugely recommend to puppy owners to help in settling in their new puppy. Here are some useful downloadable resources for puppy owners:

Adaptil Puppy Journal