The Veterinary Practice

One of the really important aspects of a Puppy Friendly Practice is that certain standards within the practice building itself need to be adhered to, to ensure every visit to the vets is a positive experience for the puppy.

First impressions are not only important for your clients but the experience a puppy has at your practice during their critical socialisation period is really critical in shaping the dog that they become in the future. That is why we pride ourselves in delivering the Perfect Puppy Experience throughout ALL aspects of the puppy client journey.

Perfectly Designed Consultation Rooms

All our puppy consultations rooms are equipped with Adaptil Calm diffusers, vet bed, puppy kongs, yummy kong fillers and treats to ensure the perfect puppy experience and a stress free visit.

A Calm and Well-Spaced Waiting Area.

All Puppy Friendly Waiting rooms are equipped with Adaptil Calm diffusers to reassure young puppies and measures are taken to reduce stress in the waiting room so the whole experience can be as positive as possible.

A Warm, Friendly Welcome from all Staff.

All puppies will be greeted by friendly staff and offered a treat (with the owners consent of course) to make visits to the vets a positive experience.

A Well Stocked Shop

All Puppy Friendly Practices have a really well-stocked shop full of all the amazing puppy consumables that will make life easier for your puppy clients and that you will be demonstrating and using in the Puppy Chat.

The detailed criteria for a Puppy Friendly Practice can be downloaded below.